Teeth Whitening in Granada Hills

What is Teeth Whitening?

"Teeth whitening" is a general term that is used to describe any of the different treatments used to change the shade and/or color of the tooth surface in order to produce a whiter and brighter smile. There are several methods and products designed to whiten the color of teeth, but the most effective treatments can only be done with the help of a dentist. In-office whitening can significantly change the color of your teeth in a short period of time.

Difference Between Store-Bought Whitening & In-Office Whitening

The whitening agent used in virtually every teeth-bleaching product is peroxide. In commercial whitening products, the amount of peroxide permitted is restricted. Dentists, however, can apply a relatively high-concentration peroxide gel on the teeth to whiten them faster and more dramatically than can be seen in typical store-bought whitening products.

What to Expect from Teeth Whitening?

If in-office bleaching doesn't yield immediate results, your dentist may recommend a take-home whitening kit. These contain a lower-concentration peroxide gel to be applied to custom-made trays worn over your teeth. The trays resemble mouth guards and are made specifically for your teeth from impressions. The process takes longer, but the effects can sometimes be more dramatic. Teeth whitening is ideal for people with yellow or brown stained teeth, excessive amounts of fluoride consumed (in water or otherwise) during teeth development, or normal wear of their outer tooth layer.

Teeth will become stained over time, but cigarettes, coffee, tea, and wine can accelerate the natural discoloration process. No teeth whitening treatment is permanent. Follow-up appointments should be made every few years to keep your teeth white. Refraining from smoking and drinking dark-colored beverages can make the whitening effects last longer.

Ready to See a Difference?

In-office teeth whitening is currently the quickest way to whiten your teeth. Store-bought methods often take way too long and results are less than expected. If you're ready to see actual change in the color of your teeth, then you must try teeth whitening with Dr. Firooz. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at 818-832-3333. We look forward to hearing from you soon.