Dental implants are an option for patients who suffer from tooth loss. Dental implants replace missing teeth with permanent, natural-looking substitutes. The procedure is best explained by thinking of a natural tooth in two parts; the part of the tooth above the gumline is called the crown, and the part that anchors the tooth in below the gumline is the root. A dental implant replaces the root and provides an anchor for an artificial tooth, which replaces the crown

Dental Implants - What to expect

The first step in an implant procedure is to numb the area. The gum tissue is then opened. The bone is then prepared using a special drill, leaving a space for the implant. If there is not enough bone structure to support an implant, bone grafting may be necessary. With the bone prepared, the implant is then placed and the gum tissue is sutured.

The healing process will take some time because the implant must become integrated as part of the jawbone. This process generally takes three to six months. Once the gums have healed, a post is attached to the implant. This post is what the replacement crown will be secured to in the mouth. The crown itself is made using an impression of the existing teeth and is matched in shade and color. The crown is placed over the post and secured with dental cement. When the procedure is complete, the result appears as a natural tooth.

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Implants are only recommended for patients with healthy teeth and gums, and are often incorporated into larger treatment plans, which can include the replacement of multiple teeth. Dental implants are intended to be stronger than bridge and dentures and are designed as a permanent solution to tooth loss. Implant procedures have a very high success rate and effectiveness. For many cases, dental implants may be the most logical choice for tooth replacement. Call 818-832-3333 to schedule an appointment.