Dental Exam & Cleaning in Granada Hills

Dental x-rays should be administrated based on each patients oral health needs and treatment plan.

Dental Cleaning

Removing tartar

During your cleaning we will eliminate any tartar build up on the surface of your tooth. Tartar that builds around your gum lines can cause decay and other dental problems.

Removing plaque

Plaque is a buildup of bacteria around your tooth. It can consist of debris (food), sugar, saliva and other living bacteria. Plaque can cause damage to your gums and can initiate periodontal disease. Having a professional cleaning to remove plaque every 6 months is essential.

Polishing the teeth

Due to build up of plaque and consumption of certain foods our teeth can begin to stain and become encompassed with bacteria. Polishing will remove plaque and stains that are not removed during brushing.

Dental Exam

X Ray examinations

Each X-ray is reviewed for tooth decay, infections, tumors, loss of bone and teeth alignment, specifically, proper positioning.

Gum disease screening

Detailed review of gums and bone around teeth to ensure that there is no periodontal disease

Tooth decay examination

Using special instruments and x-ray examination to survey if any decay has begun.

Examination of previous restorations

We review your current fillings, crowns and previous procedures.

Dental X-Rays

At Smile Arts Dentistry we want to take every step to help prevent any tooth pains or dental problems. Our goal is to use x-rays to provide essential knowledge about maintaining your oral health. This equipment allows us to be safe and precise when identifying the right treatment plan for you.

What dentistry x-rays uncovers:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Tooth development problems
  • Chips/Abnormalities with teeth
  • Bone structure complications
  • Issues under the gum line

Our office puts an emphasis on preventive dentistry practices so that we can find and solve any dental complications at the first stages. This allows for affordable dentistry, that will help you avoid unwanted discomfort.

Dental x-rays should be administrated based on each patients oral health needs and treatment plan.