Cosmetic Dentistry in Granada Hills

Enhancing and improving your oral health is our main goal at Smile Arts Dentistry. Our office does not recommend patients to take on unnecessary treatments; we focus on improving your dental health in order to avoid future pain and complications.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures are utilized in order to get better results for your oral health.

Our philosophy is to maintain your oral health and only utilize cosmetic procedures to correct persistent issues.

We create treatment plans that you can afford and fit within your insurance coverage because we know that sacrificing your oral health and can lead to pain and future complications.

Beyond the health benefits

Research conducted by University of California, Journal of Economy, conveyed that aesthetics has an impact on your earnings and "on average, attractive people make 12 percent more money than their less good-looking coworkers"

Please don't let imperfections with your teeth prevent you from smiling. Our office only conducts cosmetic surgery when necessary and within your budget.

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry may include:

  • Correcting your bite to help alleviate pain and improve your ability to eat, breath, and sleep.
  • Treating tooth decay to halt any disease causing bacteria and/or cavities.
  • Repairing cracked or broken teeth to relieve pain and prevent bacteria from damaging gums and surrounding teeth.
  • Improving the alignment of teeth to enhance flossing and brushing results, thus decreasing your probability for cavities.

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