Home Care

At SmileArts Dentistry, we believe that caring for your teeth at home is vital to long-lasting healthy and beautiful teeth.

We recommend that patients brush their teeth two times per day, and floss at night. Replacing your toothbrush every three to four months is also essential.

When brushing your teeth, it can be beneficial to brush all surroundings of your teeth including the cheeks and tongue in a soft manner.

Flossing daily, especially after meals can be crucial to avoiding tooth decay. Avoiding sugar and rinsing your mouth can also be essential to avoiding tooth decay. Sticky foods can cause cavities and other dental health issues. If you do snack before you sleep, please try to floss your teeth to ensure that you reduce the risk of cavities.

If you have any questions, please contact our family dentistry practice. office@smileartsdentistry or call 818-832-3333.


The fall semester has come again, and for many young adults that means heading off to college to live on your own. It also means many new chances to ruin your oral hygiene.

To all you new students, be smart and be careful! Dorm life can easily lead to all kinds of bad habits, like being up too late, drinking alcoholic beverages, and trying out drugs.

You're now a legal adult, so why not try a little self-discipline? Your oral health can be put in danger by drinking sodas daily, missing your regular brushing and flossing schedule, smoking cigarettes, and grinding your teeth from college stress.

In fact, if you find yourself grinding your teeth, we recommend wearing a custom-fitted bite guard to protect your teeth while you (hopefully) sleep the full eight hours each night that is recommended for all college students.

Good luck in your new life and stay safe!