Dentist Near Me in Granada Hills

Dental x-rays should be administrated based on each patients oral health needs and treatment plan.

Finding the right dentist in Granada Hills means that you and your loved ones will have access to diagnostic, preventive, and restorative dental treatments aimed at addressing many different disorders, conditions, and diseases that affect your gums, teeth, and maxillofacial (jaw and face) region.

Smile Arts Dentistry in Granada Hills emphasizes diagnostic and preventive dental procedures to help keep oral conditions affecting your loved ones from progressing. If left untreated, these dental problems eventually lead to pain, inconvenience, and costly emergency treatment. Dr. Ray Firooz also provides restorative services to repair the existing tooth damage, as well as cosmetic treatments to help improve your smile.

What to Expect at Smile Arts Dentistry

Unlike specialists, who only focus on a specific area of dentistry, general dentists offer a wide range of dental services that are essential for the continued health of your family. You may visit Dr. Firooz for:

  • Preventative services - Regular professional cleanings and dental checkups, including x-rays, in combination with proper oral at-home care, are essential for maintaining good dental health and stopping infections in their early stages. Dr. Firooz may also recommend sealants to protect your child’s teeth from cavities, or mouth guard for active teens and athletes.
  • Restorative services - If any problem is found during routine checkups, Dr. Firooz will ensure that it is treated promptly and correctly. He can diagnose and treat gum disease; remove troublesome wisdom teeth; repair loosened, broken, or knocked-out teeth; remove the infection in a decayed tooth and place a filling or root canal; and even replace missing teeth with implants or dentures.
  • Cosmetic services - Dr. Firooz provides services like teeth whitening and tooth replacement to improve your smile

If you want to get rid of amalgam fillings from a past procedure, Dr. Firooz can also ensure that it’s done safely without causing any more harm to your body. If you have any concerns about your oral health, please visit Smile Arts Dentistry in Granada Hills to get ahead of the problem before it becomes a costly nuisance.